• Cold appetizers:

    Fish platter

    (light-salted salmon, cold-smoked butterfish, rolled pike perch with chunks trout) 

    60/60/60720 rub.

    Light-Salted Salmon
    100/10/5500 rub.

    Salmon Caviar

    (salmon caviar, toasts, butter)

    100/20/501300 rub.

    Appetizer liner

    ( herring fillet, potato, marinated mashrooms, red onions)

    100/90/60290 rub.

    Giant olives
    120240 rub.

    Cheese plate

    (Assorted European cheeses served with honey, fruits and nuts)

    120/50/30600 rub.

    Meat plate

    (baked ham, spicy roast beefб slices of boiled veal tongue, chicken roll with dried apricots and pistachios)

    50/50/50/50690 rub.

    Beef Carpaccio

    (beef tenderloin on lettuce leaves with shavings of Parmesan cheese and pine nuts)

    90/20460 rub.

    Frosted lard

    (pork lard, garlick, greenary)

    80160 rub.

    Vegetable platter

    (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprica, mix salad, greenary)

    180270 rub.

    Mixed pickles

    (sauerkraut, pickles cucumbers, pickled tomatoes, pickled mushrooms, garlick)

    200220 rub.
  • Salads:

    "Caesar" salad with shrimps

    (salad leaves Romaine and Iceberg, Caesar sauce, cherry tomatoes, crackers, fried king prawns, Parmesan cheese)

    190430 rub.

    "Caesar" salad with salmon

    (salad leaves Romaine and Iceberg, Caesar sauce, cherry tomatoes, crackers, hot-smoked salmon fillets, Parmesan cheese)

    190400 rub.

    "Caesar" salad with chicken

    (salad leaves Romaine and Iceberg, Caesar sauce, cherry tomatoes, crackers, fried chicken fillet, Parmesan cheese)

    190330 rub.

    Warm chicken liver salad

    (chicken liver sauteed in olive oil, mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, balsamic cream)

    140330 rub.

    "Marli" salad

    (cold-boiled pork, roast beef, veal tongue, marinated champignons and onion, gherkins, greenery )

    210490 rub.

    "Stolichniy" salad

    (potatoes, carrot, fresh and salted cucumber, eggs, chicken, greenery )

    210210 rub.

    "Caprese" salad

    (tomatoes, Italian Mozzarella, pesto sauce)

    210/30350 rub.

    Greek salad

    (tomatoes, cucmber, red onion, paprika, olives, Feta cheese)

    250380 rub.

    "Alexandria" salad

    (salad assorted fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, olive oil)

    210320 rub.
  • Hot appetizers:

    Shrimp with honey mustard sauce

    (king prawn on salad leaves with honey mustard dressing)

    80/40650 rub.

    Chicken liver "flambe"

    (chicken liver, flambe fied apple, lettuce salad, balsamic cream)

    190350 rub.

    Grilled vegetables

    (grilled eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, tomatoes served with pesto sauce)

    160370 rub.

    Potato pancake

    (potato, fried mushrooms, leeks, sour cream)

    120/70/50310 rub.

    Mushroom julien

    (mushrooms sauteed with onion baked in Bechamel sauce under Mozzarella cheese)

    100150 rub.

    Chicken julien

    (chicken fillet with onion in Bechamel sauce under Mozzarella cheese. Baked in mushrooms)

    100150 rub.

    Crispy vegetable rolls with chicken

    (chinese cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, leeks, chicken fillet)

    130/50200 rub.

    Crispy vegetable rolls with shrimps

    (chinese cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, leeks, soy sprouts, shrimps)

    130/20250 rub.

    Pancakes with salmon

    (pancakes, light-salted salmon, sour cream)

    150/60/50310 rub.

    Pancakes with red caviar

    (pancakes, red caviar, butter

    150/30370 rub.

    Chicken wings

    (chicken wings breaded in "Panko" rusks served with Arabiata sauce)

    100150 rub.

    Squid rings

    (breaded squid rings with tar-tar  sauce)

    200/50350 rub.

    Toast with garlic sauce
    150/50120 rub.
  • Soups:

    Borsh "Samson"

    served with sour cream and rye bun
    (cabbage, onion, carrot, beet, tomato pasts, beef tenderloin, rye bun, sour cream)

    300/30320 rub.

    Cabbage soup

    (sauerkraut, onion, carrot, tomato pasts, cream, smoked brisket)

    300/30270 rub.

    Tsar's fish-soup

    (salmon fillet, pike perch fillet, tomatoes, onion, greenery)

    300390 rub.

    Meat soup "Solyanka"

    (boiled pork, tongue, roast beef, smoked products, tomato pasts, onion, pickles cucumbers, olives, lemon, sour cream)

    300/75220 rub.

    Spicy goulash soup

    (beef, paprika, carrot, onion, tomato juice, chilli)

    300410 rub.

    Mushroom cream-soup

    (porcini mushrooms, cream, onion, greenery)

    300360 rub.

    Chicken broth

    (transparent chicken broth served with meat pie)

    300/75220 rub.
  • Pastes:

    Meat Lasagna

    (pasta, mincemeat stewed with tomatoes in its own juice and red wine, italian herbs, Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella)

    400380 rub.

    Carbonara with cream

    (pasta, bacon, cream, white wine, Parmesan cheese, egg)

    300350 rub.

    Four cheese with asparagus

    (pasta, creamy cheese, Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, Pesto cheese)

    330440 rub.

    With seaproducts in tomato sauce

    (pasta, mussels in shell, king prawns, salmon fillet, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese)

    300590 rub.
  • Pizza on thin crust:

    Focaccia with pesto

    (Italian bread with olive oil and pesto sauce)

    200150 rub.

    "Vegeterian" pizza

    (Mozzarella, bell pepper, marinated mushrooms, capers, olives, tomatoes)

    400350 rub.

    Pizza "Cheese"

    (Mozzarella, Pesto cheese, Parmezan cheese, cream cheese, pizza-sause)

    450350 rub.

    Pizza "Margarita"

    (Parmesan cheese, Mozzarella, pizza sauce, basil)

    400350 rub.

    Pizza "Empire"

    (chicken fillet, mushrooms, olives, Mozzarella, pesto sauce, pizza sauce)

    400370 rub.

    Pizza with bacon and mascarpone

    (bacon, mascarpone, Mozzarella)

    400350 rub.

    Pizza "Salami"

    (salami, olives, capers, pizza sauce, Mozzarella)

    450350 rub.

    Pizza "Monplezir"

    (boiled pork, mozzarella, champignons, leek, parmesan cheese, creamy sauce)

    450370 rub.

    Pizza "Samson"

    (tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, pesto, boiled pork, beef tongue, chiken fillet, Mozzarella)

    500420 rub.

    Pizza "Marinera"

    (Mozzarella, salmon fillet, pick perch fillet, creamy sauce)

    450490 rub.

    Pizza "Mushroom Glade"

    (champignons, porcini, marinated honey agarics, Mozzarella, tomatoes, creamy sauce)

    500370 rub.

    Pizza "Cascade"

    (ham, Mozzarella, olives, cherry tomatoes, pizza sauce)

    500350 rub.
  • Dishes on a brazier:
  • Meat dishes:

    Pork tenderloin medallions

    (Pork tenderloin, cream, risotto)

    120/120570 rub.

    French meat

    (Pork roasted under cheese and mushroom crust)

    250590 rub.

    Beef stroganoff

    (Thin beef slices cooked according to a classic recipe, mashed potatoes)

    300710 rub.

    Beef fillet steak

    (Grilled tenderloin steak, cranberry sauce)

    200/50870 rub.

    Big beef fillet steak

    (Grilled tenderloin steak, cranberry sauce)

    300/501140 rub.
  • Bird dishes:

    Chicken Kiev

    (chiken fillet with butter and greenery served with potatoes gratin)

    200/80390 rub.

    Chicken "Imperial"

    (chiken tabaka, Arabiata sauce)

    1 piece/70650 rub.

    Chicken "in a merchant manner"

    (chicken fillet stuffed with "Dorblyu" cheese and bacon, Arabiata sauce) 

    150/50370 rub.

    Bread basket

    (malt, cereal and French rolls with butter)

    3 pieces /30140 rub.
  • Fish dishes:

    Pike perch fillet "Alya Russ"

    (pike perch fillet, potatoes, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, bechamel sauce, egg, Mozzarella)

    400650 rub.

    Pike perch steak with king prawn

    (pike perch fillet, king prawn, mashed potato with spinach, shrimp mushroom sauce)

    145/120/50680 rub.

    Salmon steak with asparagus

    (salmon fillet on asparagus with caviar sauce)

    250/50800 rub.

    Fish "Skobljanka"

    (pike perch fillet, mushrooms, onion, bechamel sauce, mashed potatoes)

    290410 rub.

    Salmon fillet

    (steamed salmon fillet, vegetable tagliatelle, berry sauce)

    250/50870 rub.
  • Garnishes:

    Idaho potatoes
    150120 rub.

    French fries
    150120 rub.

    Boiled rice
    15060 rub.

    Mashed potatoes
    150120 rub.

    Vegetable Ratatouille
    150240 rub.

    Stewed sauerkraut
    150120 rub.

    Potatoes fried on lard
    150120 rub.
  • Desserts:

    Cheesecake "New York"
    1/120200 rub.

    Strudel with ice-cream
    110/50220 rub.

    1/110230 rub.

    Cranberry cream pie with white chocolate
    1/116230 rub.

    Carrot cake
    1/145250 rub.

    Mousse "Three Chocolate"
    1/145300 rub.

    Cherry pie
    1/100200 rub.

    "Samson" cake
    1/115240 rub.

    Ice-cream "Premium"
    100150 rub.


    (ice cream with syrop in assortment)

    70/15100 rub.
  • Children's menu:

    Vitamin salad
    8060 rub.

    Vegetable salad

    (Cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, corn)

    100140 rub.

    "Stolichnyi" salad
    (chicken fillet, potatoes, carrot, green peas, mayonnaise)
    120110 rub.

    Vegetable cream-soup

    (Chicken soup with pasta products)

    25070 rub.


    (toast, chicken fillet, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce)

    190 rub.

    Pizza "Cheesy duet"

    (Mozzarella, Parmesan, pizza sauce)

    210210 rub.

    Mini-pizza "Cipollino"

    ( ham, Mozzarella, tomato sauce)

    210210 rub.

    Pasta with cheese
    11090 rub.


    (spaghetti, sausages)

    150130 rub.

    Сhicken nuggets
    110/30160 rub.

    Mashed potatoes
    10040 rub.

    French fries
    10060 rub.

    Pancakes with sour cream
    13060 rub.

    Pancakes with condensed milk
    13060 rub.

    Pancakes with banana and chocolate
    180/30120 rub.

    "Fruit paradise" salad

    ( orange, grapes, canned pineapple, pear, apple, berry sauce)

    120100 rub.

    Milk cocktail
    200150 rub.

    Strawberry cocktail
    200150 rub.

    Chocolate cocktail
    200150 rub.

    Pistachio cocktail
    200150 rub.
  • Snack to beer:
  • Bottle beer:

    «Budweiser» 5,0% vol
    0,33 l250 rub.

    «Kronenbourg 1664»4,5% vol
    0,46 l150 rub.

    «Kronenbourg Blanc»4,5% vol
    0,46 l200 rub.

    «Holsten»4,6% vol
    0,47 l200 rub.

    «Tuborg 0»0,5% vol
    0,5 l120 rub.
  • Draft beer:

    «Baltika 7»light
    0,5 l150 rub.

    «Peterhof beer»light unfiltered
    0,5 l150 rub.

    0,5 l200 rub.
  • Wine list:

    «Maison de Lacroix»France (dry white)

    Elegant light-straw color wine. Delicate aroma with notes of tropical fruits, meadow grasses. Taste refreshing, acidity balanced. Recommended to serve as an aperitif, as well as to vegetables dishes, pizza, chicken shish kebab, soft cheeses. 11% vol

    750 ml950 rub.

    «Maison de Lacroix»France(dry red)

    Rubycolor wine. In the bouquet notes of cherry and plum. Balanced harmonious taste with velvety tannins and gastronomic acidity. Recommended to serve to grilled sausages, pasta with meat balls and smoked meat, white meat with tomato sauce. 11% vol

    750 ml950 rub.

    «Maison de Lacroix»France (semi-sweet white)

    Tender light-straw color wine. Thin fragrance with notes of quince, hazelnuts, peaches and honey. Soft, balanced taste, harmonioussweetness. Recommended to serve fish dishes, seafood, chicken with vegetables. 10% vol

    750 ml950 rub.

    «Maison de Lacroix»France (semi-sweet red)

    Rubycolor wine.In a bright open bouquet notes of ripe forest berries. Balanced taste with gentle tannins. Recommended to serve to cold meat appetizers - pates, ham, assorted sausages; grilled white meat, stew with mushrooms. 10% vol

    750 ml950 rub.

    «Casilda Sauvignon Blanc»DO Chile (dry white)

    Light yellow wine with greenish reflections made from grape variety of Sauvignon Blanc. In aroma the tone of citrus, gooseberry in combination with the shades of tropical fruits. Fresh soft wine with good acidity, balanced flavors. Ideally as an aperitif, as well as perfectly combined with salads, seafood and fish dishes. 12,5% vol

    750 ml1000 rub.

    «Casilda Cabernet Sauvignon»DO Chile (dry red)

    Rich ruby-red color wine with violet reflections made from grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon variety. In aroma the tone of black currant and blackberry. Balanced taste with mild tartness and moderate acidity. Ideal for red meat, pork ribs, spaghetti bolognese. 12,5% vol

    750 ml1000 rub.

    «FalconelloGarganega Pinot Grigio»IGT Italy (dry white)

    Thin and tender wine of thatch shade. Has a thin and stable aroma of apples and pears. Dry on taste with a slight bitterness characteristic of the Pinot Grigio variety. Gastronomic combinations: exclusively suitable for salads, pasta, fish, as well as for white meat dishes.11,5% vol

    750 ml1250 rub.

    «FalconelloChianti»DOCG Italy (dry red)

    Bright ruby color wine. In aroma is a wide palette of strawberry tints and red cherry. Fresh, with delicate tannins and invigorating acidity. Gastronomic combinations: a universal wine, suitable for a wide range of dishes: pasta, pizza, red and white meat, as well as to young and seasoned cheeses.12,5% vol

    750 ml1250 rub.

    «Falconello MontepulcianoD’Abruzzo»DOC Italy (dry red)

    Elegant ruby color wine. The enchanting aroma affects shades of cowberry, cranberry, raspberry, a thin note of menthol and jam. Taste is very juicy, berry, tannins velvety. Gastronomic combinations: the ideal accompaniment for wine will be dishes of red meat, game and grilled vegetables. 13%vol

    750 ml1250 rub.
  • Vermouths:
  • Liqueurs and Tinctures:
  • Whisky:
  • Rum:
  • Cognacs and Brandy:
  • Vodka:

    «Czar’s Original»(Russia) 40% vol
    50 ml90 rub.

    «Czar’s Gold»(Russia) 40% vol
    50 ml120 rub.

    «Czar’s Citron»(Russia) 40% vol
    50 ml120 rub.

    «Czar’s Cranberry»(Russia) 40% vol
    50 ml120 rub.

    «Koskenkorva»(Finland) 40% vol
    50 ml140 rub.

    «Absolut»(Sweden) 40% vol
    50 ml160 rub.
  • Tequila:
  • Gin:
  • Soft drinks:

    «Coca-cola», «Cola-light», «Fanta», «Sprite», «Schweppes»


    0,25 l90 rub.

    Mineral water «Valser»


    0,25 l120 rub.

    Mineral water «BonAqua»

    (carbonated/ still ) (Russia)

    0,25 l80 rub.

    Juice «Rich»

    (in assortment)

    0,2 l80 rub.

    Freshly squeezed pineapple juice
    0,2 l220 rub.

    Freshly squeezed juice

    (orange, grapefruit, lemon, carrot, apple, mix)

    0,2 l200 rub.

    Lemonade «Chernogolovka»

    (Baikal, Tarragon, Duchesse)

    0,33 l80 rub.

    Mineral water «Chernogolovka»

    ( carbonated/ still)

    0,33 l70 rub.

    Cranberry drink
    0,2 l50 rub.
  • Tea card:
  • Coffee card: